A Divergent Thinking Production


         Frank Prather
         Cash Flagg, Jr.
         Patricia Williams
     Andrew Hewitt
         Patrick Collins


Allison Jacobson
Kristopher Mickens
Judy Chen
Duane Rouch
Jen Dunkelberger
Mikal Wellon
Cris Dinwiddie
Demetrius Parker
James Washington
Lou Zamichieli
John Paglio
Steve Sedlacko
Peter Smak
Alexandra Page
Ray Cooper
Maurice Tscherney
Donald Vick
Ron Lincoln
Pete Seroskie
Dave Venafro
Dave Nuttycomb
Marigot Mahon-Haft
Tracey Wise
Enrique Chicas
David Nation
Jacques Derosena
Daniel Stevens
Kent Bye
Martin Burke
Grant Vuille
Danny Fielding
Pat Carroll
Todd Rohal
Written & Directed by
Alvin Ecarma

Kent Bye and Cash Flagg, Jr.

Ronald Edwin Hunkler

Sound Design
Klinton Spilsbury

Action Director & Cinematographer
Eric Thornett

Associate Producers
Wil Ryan
Jeannice Angela
Teddy Chao

Executive Producers
Evangeline Delgado
Calvin Sincero

Special Make-up F/X & Props
Danny Fielding and the Danny Fielding F/X Squad

Music by
Gerard K. Marino


"French Bossa Nova"
Written by Michael A. Cohen
Funk Appreciation Society, ASCAP

Ronald Edwin Hunkler

Special Thanks to

Dan Humire and Johns Hopkins Film Society
Skizz Cyzyk
Don Espanol and Jenna Kemberlin
Paige Connor-Totaro
Washington Area Lawyers For The Arts
Richard Marks
Scott Pasternak
Larry Brown
Paul Burke
National Home Amusement
The Fangonil Family
Uncle Noc
Mike White
Carl Cephas and the WPFS
Jake, Kevn, Ernie and the staff of ColorLab
National Park Service
Montgomery County Television


"The Awakening"
by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
Image courtesy Sculpture Placement Ltd,
Washington, DC

l e t h a l    f o r c e    h o m e

(c) 2010 Divergent Thinking Productions