Lethal Force Crew

Alvin Ecarma

Writer, Producer, Director, & Editor

Alvin is a prolific, Baltimore-based filmmaker whose short films have appeared in such festivals as the Chicago Underground, the San Franciso Asian American and the Johns Hopkins Film Festivals among others. Lethal Force is his debut feature.

Eric Thornett

Action Director & Cinematographer

President of Piranha Pictures, Thornett is currently in post-production for 23 Hours a futuristic thriller that he wrote and directed. This is Piranha Pictures' third film in just as many years. In addition to writing and directing, he choreographs fight scenes, composes musical scores, and tries so very, very hard to be loved, but he is not.

Kent Bye


Kent Bye is a recent engineering graduate who moonlights as a filmmaker. He held a handful of responsibilities for the Johns Hopkin's-based film An All-Night Thing. Next June he'll be shooting a documentary in Indiana about a servant camp for mentally handicapped adults.

Teddy Chao

Associate Producer

Teddy's in the midst of editing Flower Bridge: Behind The Magic, a documentary about last year's smash, Flower Bridge. At Johns Hopkins University, Teddy helped found the Johns Hopkins Film Festival and Frame of Reference magazine. He's also made a bunch of shoddy films.

Jeannice Angela

Associate Producer

Bio net yet available

Wil Ryan

Associate Producer

"The details of Wil's black life and dubious death are written in certain books, and the foolish and the curious may seek them out. Nothing could induce us to elaborate here: by comparison Gilles de Rais was an angel in human form, and de Sade a weak and simpering child. The world is well rid of him- if rid of him it truly is."

Danny Fielding

Special Effects

Danny is a longtime student of special effects and makeup. After graduating with a degree in art, he has spent the succeeding years actually making a living from it. Currently he is a sculptor and modelmaker for a large government institution. Lethal Force is Danny's first film.

Gerard Marino

Musical Score

Gerard K. Marino is a Los Angeles based composer of music for film, television, and new media. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Theory and Composition from Stetson University in Florida and the University of Southern California's Graduate Certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television. His professional credits include Electronic Score Producer for Swordfish as well as Synth Programming and/or Score Mixing for The Glass House, Sweet November, The Gift, The Warden, and Bless The Child.

Ronald Edwin Hunkler


A recent graduate of Loyola, Ronald works as an editing assistant at Henninger Video in Washington, DC. He has worked on projects for the Discovery Channel, the History Channel and E! Entertainment Television and on various industrials and regional commercial spots.  

Klinton Spilsbury

Sound Design

Having tried his hand at acting by starring in the stunning studio misfire "Legend of The Lone Ranger", Klinton divides his time creating audio soundscapes for subliminal self-improvement CDs and spending romantic evenings with this longtime companion of over ten years, Frank Prather.


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