Divergent Thinking Productions is dedicated to bold, innovative cinema that reflects our love and affection for the Action/Adventure film genre, whether it be Blaxploitation or Spaghetti Western, 80’s buddy cop or Martial Arts. Building upon the success and appeal of our zero-budget debut film LETHAL FORCE, our follow up feature GUN FU OPERA BLUES will raise the stakes and scale while keeping the sense of humor and playfulness that made LETHAL FORCE such a indie-insta-cult favorite.

Our flagship project, this action comedy has played the circuit to critical and poupular success and is now available on dvd. Click here to go to the archived website. And click here to check out the official line of action figures used to promote the movie. Gotta love ‘em!

When a trio of closely-knit hitmen becomes a duo when one is brutally killed in the line of duty, a dangerous rift erupts between the two survivors that may doom them both. In Development.