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Frank Prather

The Hero

Frank Prather is currently living in Los Angeles where he is the founder and CEO of the Fortune 500 company Prather Inc. A cutting edge pharmaceutical company, it leads the field in finding permanent, pain-free solutions to erectile dysfunction. Beaming with pride, Frank proudly proclaims "I'm not only the CEO- I'm also a client.

Cash Flagg, Jr.

The Killer

A student of Myra Rostova, Cash has performed in the Pittsburgh Playhouse productions of Man of La Mancha and Carousel. He has also appeared at Dinner Theatres, Universities and Off-Broadway. His credits also include Butterflies Are Free and Orpheus Descending.

Patricia Williams

Mal's Aide

Pat has appeared in films, commercials and industrials locally and nationally. Most recently, she portrayed an activist in the film Monument City, was a principal interviewee in the Emmy Award winning documentary, Black Women On, and played a mother on a Roots commercial. In addition to acting, she studies voice. She dedicates this film to Hassan who prefers brunettes.

Andrew Hewitt

The Crime Lord

Andrew is a part-time local actor and triathlete. He recently played a Canadian Cop in an episode of America's Most Wanted, and had a supporting role as "Shovelman" in J.T. Petty's horror/thriller Soft for Digging. He's had numerous principal roles in commercials and industrials, and featured parts in major films.

J. Patrick Collins, Jr.

The Hero's Son

Lethal Force is Patrick's first movie, and he is thrilled to be a part of this exciting production. He has been very active in both community and regional theater, acting in seven plays over the last two years. Patrick has portrayed characters ranging from "Smee" in Peter Pan to the "Ghost of Christmas' Past" in Dickens' A Christmas Carol. In addition, he studies voice and violin. An avid baseball player, Patrick has played on two All Star Teams!!  

Allison Jacobson

A Gangster

Allison is a committed professional actress who is transforming the way the entertainment industry views and uses voluptuous women actors. She is involved in theater, film, and television. She's recently performed in 6 Degrees of Separation and in a spot for Nippon TV's Mondo Productions. She also appears locally and nationally as "Monica Lewinsky" for Corporate theatre. She wishes to thank Mom, Dad, Gen, Marty, Ali, Jan and Pam for their support.

John Paglio

Lapdog of Bertha

Originally from Ohio, John now lives in Northern Virginia with his wife. He's performed in many stage productions, and was a company actor for an improvisational dinner theatre show entitled Murder Upon Request. He just finished wrapping up on an independent film, and recently appeared in a TLC show. All in all, John enjoys making people laugh, cry, get angry, happy, causing emotional disturbance, and entertaining the hell out of people.

Peter Smak

The Head Cop

A former US Luge Masters National Champion, Pete has been a film extra in 11 major feature films (he can even be seen in three of them!) He can also be seen in a car dealership TV commercial in the Frederick, MD area. Thanks to Sir Alvin and Co. for the opportunity to make Lethal Force the first speaking part.

Louis Zamichieli

A Nasty Goon

Lou is an actor/director/playwright from the DC area. Some of his past credits include Wait Until Dark, Camelot, and Two Gentlemen of Verona. His most recent TV credit was that of "The Chaplain", the Catch-22 episode of the Discovery Channel Great Books Series. He thanks Kent and Alvin for letting him bring his own special brand of *ahem* charm to Lethal Force.  

James Washington

A Mean Goon

Originally from Chicago, James earned a Dramatic Performing Arts degree from the Univ. of Washington. He is entertaining and educating young minds with the Children's Theater Association as well as performing weekly with the Blair Mansion Murder Mystery Troop. He's held several principal theater roles and hopes to do the same for TV and film. He wishes to thank Sir Alvin and Co. for choosing him to be part of such a talented and cool cast, his family for their love and support, all of the people who encouraged him along the way, and most importantly GOD!!! Keep reaching for the stars!

Jen Dunkelberger

A Dangerous Lady

Though this "dangerous lady" is relatively new to the acting world, she assures us, she is a force to be reckoned with. Along with various roles in a murder-mystery dinner theatre, she has also done some independent film work and been cast in several extra roles. She is also an accomplished classical pianist. She plans to pursue a career in television or film because she says, "Her life is one big drama."

Alexandra Page

The Witness

Alexandra has had principal roles in numerous independent films, including Dessert? , Life Drawing, Surfacing, B-Movie and also Horses which was a winner in the U.S.A. Film Festival. She has performed at the Shakespeare Theater's Southeast Project, the Folger Theater, Jewish Rep. Theater, Classika Theater, the Source Theater Festival, DCAC and recently finished a production of American Doll at the Nuyorican Poets Café in NY.

Donald Vick

Mr. Exposition & A Faceless Goon

Don has worked for a printing company for the last eleven years, and on the side he has been acting for film and television. The films he has worked on include Liberty Heights, Random Hearts, Waiting to be Great, and one of the Faceless Goons in Lethal Force. He also enjoys reading, swimming, weightlifting, and hopes some day to act full-time.

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