Week 1

Day 1: July 10th, 1999
Day 2: July 11th, 1999

Hey Teen Gang-

It's your pal Alvin Ecarma here to give you the skinny on this past weekend's shoot. What's to say? It went great with a minimum of law-breaking and bodily injury. Thanks to everyone for being patient with my bouts of intense paranoia and/or incontinence. Look for more updates in future and call times from Kent. Kent will be out of town come this Thursday, and back the following week so feel free to contact me directly when he's out in the Midwest smashing a white slavery ring. In the meantime, enjoy these swinging pictures; they're boss!


On the left is the deadly assassin Savitch (Cash Flagg, Jr.), and the right is the hero Jack Carter (Frank Prather.)
This sculpture entitled "Awakenings" is located in Haines Point, and it was our second location shoot.

Savitch (Flagg) giving Haldoway the cop (Peter Seroskie) a nice kick to the head in the back alleys of Bethesda, MD.

Jack Carter (Prather) with wheelchair-bound crime lord Mal Locke (Andy Hewitt), Mal's aide Rita (Pat Williams), and four faceless goons (Maurice Tscherny, Don Vick, Steve Sedlacko, and Peter Seroskie).

Rita (Williams) handing Jack (Prather) a flower for his captive son.

Rita (Williams) sporting her weapon of choice.

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